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Calvary The Brook - Grand Terrace California
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Hebrews 10:24
We have moved! Our church now meets at Grand Terrace High school. Come on over and check out the new digs!!!
Recently, Calvary Chapel the Brook moved into Grand Terrace High school in Grand Terrace, CA. Since moving into the new school, Ripples has been entertaining the kids in the very large cafeteria. While we were blessed to have the space, it was less than ideal for our needs. Now however, the church has moved into the beautiful state-of-the-art theatre. That has opened the lecture hall which was previously used by the church for Ripples to set up and bring God’s truth to the kids! It is perfect for us. We have a small stage and the room is set up for presentation and really fits what we are doing. In our inaugural performance, Director Davies updated a script which included the fog machine to make some “smoke” for us. Unfortunately, we forgot just how much “smoke” the fog machine put out. When we made our initial test before the performance, we feared that the giant plume of smoke would set off the school’s fire alarm. Fortunately for us though, with a lot of hand fanning and prayer, the alarms never went off. We decided a careful puff of smoke might be okay. When the time arrived for the performance, the machine, of course, refused to cooperate. it let out
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